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Annalyse & Ryan - Photo by Matt Ambrosin
"Singing with Angels"
Premiered in The Bluegrass Situation
October 2021
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Annalyse & Ryan are an Americana duo. Their sound and songs take listeners on a soulful, rootsy journey "resounding from the hollers with a haunting beauty" (Jeff Biggers, The Huffington Post). Annalyse & Ryan's strong harmonies melt together seamlessly, with an undeniable edge: a symbiotic clash reminiscent of their differing senses of place (Annalyse from the Kentucky hills and Ryan from the New Jersey shore), yet their ironically parallel styles of seeing the world. 

Their most recent song, "Singing with Angels," premiered in American Songwriter in October 2021. Its corresponding music video came out soon after, making its debut in The Bluegrass Situation. The song, an ode to the late music legend John Prine, begins on a personal note inspired by a chance meeting they had with the folk superstar in a grocery store in Nashville, TN, and expands into a sweeping chorus which declares that the late songwriter is now singing with the angels. Aside from this personal story, the tune speaks of the power and eternal quality of "The Song," which lives on even after its creator has passed.


After recording & touring extensively and making a name for themselves as an emerging Americana act with their band 2/3 Goat (described by Lee Zimmerman in No Depression as "one fine ensemble" whose "every song [on 2016 album Let It Rise] is outstanding"), Annalyse & Ryan began branching out into various songwriting projects and a musical duo of their own.  Their songs have been featured in many documentaries, commercials and TV shows. Annalyse & Ryan have shared the stage with Jimmy Vivino, Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams, Kathy Mattea, Jack Petruzzelli, Smithfield, and more. Notable venues they have played include Levon Helm Studios (Woodstock, NY), Le Poisson Rouge (NYC), The Jefferson Theater (Charlottesville, VA), The Turning Point (Piermont, NY), and many more. Annalyse & Ryan have toured across the US and in Europe. They were one of the four main house bands at the Grand Ole Opry’s Times Square venue, Opry City Stage. In 2020, after live streaming weekly from home, Annalyse & Ryan created a new  monthly live streamed concert series called The Valley Hour. On each episode, live streamed from Howland Cultural Center in Beacon, NY, the duo plays their own music while also hosting and featuring fellow Hudson Valley musicians through their songs + stories. The series was born out of the desire to connect grounded musicians around the region with online listeners, providing a safe, high quality outlet for live music to keep thriving during the pandemic. More info on the series at

Annalyse & Ryan's music has gained recognition & features from outlets such as American Songwriter, Elmore Magazine, No Depression, Paste Magazine, Austin Town HallThe Huffington Post, Mother Church Pew, and more. They have also written songs for children's television and documentaries. More info here